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Welcome to Hillside Happy Hybrids! 

My name is Julie, and I have been a cosmetologist for over 30 years. My husband Rod and I have two daughters, and 3 beautiful Goldendoodles. Our daughter Katelyn is “Buck’s” mom . . . Buck is our “Dad” dog for our F2 litters.

Growing up, we always had a family dog. At the age of 13, I convinced my neighbor to “give” me a puppy from her litter of Miniature Schnauzers. At last, my very own dog! I spent hours with my Abby. I joined 4-H and began showing my dog. My fascination with the canine breed continued to grow. Their intelligence, devotion, and unconditional love are traits that never cease to amaze me. As time passed, our family pets consisted of a German Shorthair, Keeshond, Pomeranian, Yellow Lab, and a Himalayan cat. Do you notice a pattern? We had a hunting dog for my husband and a cute, fluffy, hairy one for me.

With that said, my dream has always been to get back into showing and raising dogs, but the time never seemed quite right. Until now . . . with my kids grown and over three decades of hair styling behind me, I decided it was time to follow my dream. I spent  a lot of time researching everything from types of breeds to the different facets of behaviors to breeding itself. After raising a lab, my priority became finding a breed that did not shed. The Goldendoodle provided just that with the added bonuses of intelligence, trainability, great personality, and being people oriented. They also like to hunt, swim, and cuddle like a big teddy bear. This satisfies the hunting sector of our family and the cute, fluffy, hairy part. Also, did I mention. . . NO shedding? When I finally made the decision to go ahead with a puppy purchase, I asked my husband what he thought. His exact response was, “Well, I will accommodate you.” I took that as, “Go for it!”

Our doodles are part of the family. They live in our home with us and are not kenneled. The hair salon is also a part of our home. My dogs have to adapt to my customers and that lifestyle. Our doodles make us laugh every day. They have an extremely laid-back personality, expressive faces, fluffy feet, and prancing strut that are all a part of their comical irresistibility. I am so excited to share my passion for the canine world with you. So far it has exceeded my expectations. I enjoy the doodles and all my Doodle families.

We are not a kennel; just a family with a passion for dogs. We typically have 2 litters a year.

Our Goldendoodles are chosen first and foremost for a gentle temperament and sociability; then coat and color.. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, social puppy -- a perfect family pet. We want you to love your new Goldendoodle as much as we love ours. I thank you for your interest in our puppies. We are always here for you to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can call us at 715-797-3584 or 715-538-2107 or e-mail us at paulsonjr2@gmail.com anytime.


Julie  Paulson

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My Goal in life is to be half the person my dog thinks I am. 

~ Author Unknown