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Go home date is February 8th or after

 (Mom is Roxy & Dad is Finn)

($950 per puppy - see application for details)

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Bringing Home Your Puppy

Bringing home a puppy can be a stressful time for your pup -- a strange environment, away from his littermates and mother for the first time. There will be new people and new expectations. That is why it is important to take some time to prepare for your puppy.

Do your homework!! Read about housebreaking, training, behavioral problems, and daily care of a puppy.

Before bringing your puppy home, it is important to be honest with yourself regarding how much time you have to spend with a dog. Different breeds require varying amounts of exercise and play. Understand, that no dog will tolerate being cooped up all day, every day. Playing with your puppy facilitates bonding. You should match your lifestyle and interests with characteristics of the breed. The most important thing to remember is that puppies need lots of love and patience. To ensure your new puppy grows properly, be sure to give your puppy nutritious food and schedule regular veterinarian visits for vaccinations and check-ups. Working with your puppy to teach him proper obedience will establish the basis for good behavior as your puppy continues to grow. Plus… training can be fun for both you and your puppy.

Puppies are so cute and cuddly. How can you not love them unconditionally? How about when your puppy piddles on the floor, or chews on your favorite shoes (again)? Having realistic expectations for your puppy will help you. Be patient as you and your new puppy get to know each other. 

Puppies are very curious creatures and like to explore their environment; however, they may not know what is safe and what is dangerous. It is your job to keep your puppy safe and healthy. Before bringing your new puppy home, you will likely want to puppy proof your house. The object is to keep your puppy safe and keep your things safe from the puppy. Puppies like to chew. Everything below four feet is fair game. Expect it and prepare for it. One of the best solutions is to offer a wide variety of puppy safe chew products and toys. Be aware of cords lying around that your puppy may chew or pull on, and substances such as pesticides, medications, cleaning products, plants, etc that can be hazardous to your puppy.

When you bring home a puppy, you are promising to provide a lifetime of love and care in exchange for undying loyalty and companionship.

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