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Moms & Dads

Moka is our Café a Latte/chocolate Goldendoodle. She is more fine featured and weighs in at 60 pounds. Moka loves to snuggle! She is very gentle and lays her head in your lap. She also prances with that poodle strut.

Rosie is our red/white AKC standard poodle.  She has a small frame and weighs approximately 43 pounds.  She loves to "smile" and loves to cuddle with us!  She runs like a gazelle.  "Let's play" is her motto.

Ace is our AKC Parti Poodle.  He weighs in at 63 pounds. Ace loves to be with people, snuggle, and play with toys. Ace lives with some friends of ours. We just visit occasionally! :)

Finn is a red/white abstract Goldendoodle.  He weighs approximately 50 pounds.  Finn is a gentle teddy bear who loves to cuddle. He bounces from play mode to nap mode in no time flat.  He aims to please and is ready for whatever his human wants to do!

Roxie is a ball of energy.  She helps her humans by picking chicken eggs all by herself!  Loves to sleep with mom.  She is an AKC registered Poodle weighing about 40 pounds.  She is a sweetheart that loves everyone and everything.  She's always up for something fun or just snuggle time! 

Our dogs, aka, our babies are all family pets. Their health, well-being, and happiness are our top concern. They will be bred only if the conditions are optimum. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a scheduled litter. Please check back often and follow us on Facebook for updates.