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Let us tell you a few things about our breed.

  • We love people!! We thrive best with you by our side. We try really hard to please you and be nice to others. 
  • Due to our genetic make-up, we are laid back and very trainable; however, Puppy Kindergarten class would be a wonderful idea for both you and I. It helps us to become well mannered family members and helps you understand us. 
  • We are F2 or F1b Goldendoodles. An F1 Goldendoodle has a Golden Retriever parent and a Standard Poodle Parent. An F1b Goldendoodle has an F1 Goldendoodle Parent and a Standard Poodle Parent. Finally, an F2 Goldendoodle consists of both parents being F1 Goldendoodles.
  • Our combination of breeds makes us known as a "Hybrid" breed. As an F2 or F1b Goldendoodle, our chances of shedding at all are very low. This characteristic makes us a very popular choice for families with allergies. Our low to no-shed coat is wavy to curly. We need to be brushed weekly and a haircut about every 12 weeks is very helpful. 
  • Since we have awesome personalities, we excel as therapy and service dogs.  
  • We are very social, and enjoy meeting new people and animals.
  • We usually are not aggressive towards others; however, don't think we are wimpy. We will protect and be totally dedicated to you forever. 
  • We love water, fetching, belly rubs, going for walks, cuddling and we can even hunt. Our Mom sees us pointing all the time. Sometimes it is just at dandelion fluff, but we think it makes us look really important. 
  • We have the most expressive face in the canine family. Most people think we look like a teddy bear. You have to just smile and giggle when we romp around.
  • If you are happy, we are really happy. And did we mention we LOVE belly rubs? 

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